2018/3/22 Mechanism of Cuticle Hole Development in Human Hair Due to UV-Radiation Exposure (Cosmetics)

2018/1/30 Improvement in Skin Conditions by Consumption of Traditional Japanese Miso Soup and Its Mechanism (Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences)
2018/1/22 Analysis of Ultraviolet Radiation Wavelengths Causing Hardening and Reduced Elasticity of Collagen Gels In Vitro (Cosmetics)
2017/12/15  Action Spectrum on UVA Irradiation for Formation of Persistent Pigmentation in Normal Japanese Individuals (Cosmetics)
2017/12 豚皮由来コラーゲンペプチド摂取による爪の水分量および丈夫さに及ぼす効果ーランダム化ニ重盲検プラセボ対照比較試験一 (薬理と治療)
2017/11/11  Large Melanosome Complex Is Increased in Keratinocytes of Solar Lentigo (Cosmetics)
2017/11/10  10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid in Royal Jelly Extract Induced Both Filaggrin and Amino Acid in a Cultured Human Three-Dimensional Epidermis Model (Cosmetics)
2017/11/10  New Method of Measurement of Epidermal Turnover in Humans (Cosmetics)
2017/10/23  Human skin-type ceramide 1, 2, 3 mixture has a positive effect on the dermal extracellular matrix-the effect on skin sagging- (IFSCC 2017 Conference Seoul, KOREA; This presentation was selected in the Top 10 Posters that were chosen by the IFSCC Conference Awards Committee from over 300 posters exhibited.)
2017/10/21  Degradation of Tyrosinase by Melanosomal pH Change and a New Mechanism of Whitening with Propylparaben (Cosmetics)
2017/9/21  Amino Carbonylation of Epidermal Basement Membrane Inhibits Epidermal Cell Function and Is Suppressed by Methylparaben (Cosmetics)
2017/9/9  Water-Soluble Organic Germanium Promotes Both Cornified Cell Envelope Formation and Ceramide Synthesis in Cultured Keratinocytes (Cosmetics)
2017/9/2  I n Vitro Methods for Predicting Chemical Leukoderma Caused by Quasi-Drug Cosmetics (Cosmetics)
2017/8/14  Evaluation of the Effect of Plant Mixture Ethanol Extracts Containing Biota orientalis L. Extract on Suppression of Sebum in Cultured Sebocytes and on Stimulation of Growth of Keratinocytes Co-cultured with Hair Papilla Cells (Cosmetics)