Welcome to Maeda lab.

Aesthetic Science Research Lab.

The Aesthetic Science Research Lab scientifically studies beauty and health and conducts research on keeping skin healthy. We also conduct research on emulsified preparations (cosmetic products/quasi drugs) and beauty foods.

(1) We search around the world for plants that appear to have positive effects on the skin, and we prepare plant extracts from them.

(2) We evaluate the usefulness of plant extracts with cell cultures.

(3) We analyze the type of mechanism by which these plant extracts act, and we do so at the level of cells, proteins, and genes. 

(4) We isolate the active products with chromatography, and determine their structure with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) or mass spectrometry (MS). 

(5) We give academic society and media presentations on ingredients that combat skin aging and other skin problems.

(6) We collaborate with other companies and form ventures to develop ingredients that can be commercialized so that many people can use them.

All people age, but a person’s appearance can be kept young. Photoaging due to ultraviolet rays from the sun cause blemishes and wrinkles to appear on the skin. Blemishes from ultraviolet rays appear when least expected. We were the first in the world to experimentally prove that skin damage, even from weak ultraviolet rays, can accumulate and lead to rough skin (weak inflammation), followed by blemishes and loss of elasticity. Individual differences exist as to whether blemishes or wrinkles form. Aging cannot be prevented, but one can look younger with power of plants and daily skin care.

                                                                      Professor Kazuhisa Maeda